Wilcahuain and Ichic Wilcahuain are pre-Inca Wari ruins just a short mini vans ride out of Huaraz. Mini vans (or collectivos, as they’re locally known) leave from the intersection of 13 De Diciembre Street and Jr. Cajamarca Street. The cost is 1.5 PEN and it takes about fifteen minutes to reach the ruins. It is possible to walk to the ruins by following Wilcahuain road. We took the easier option of catching the minivan up and walking back down.
The Van will drop you just outside the main ruins were you must buy a ticket for 10 PEN. Keep this ticket handy because you'll have to show it again at Ichic Wilcahuain. You can not buy tickets at Ichic Wilcahuain, so if you walk up make sure you walk to the main ruin with the ticket office first. Ichic Wilcahuain is just a five-minute walk along the road. I thought it was more interesting than the main ruin and it was better for photos. It also offers a good view of the valley and mountains behind.
Just below Ichic Wilcahuain we found a footpath that follows a small stream. It took us back to the road leading to Huaraz. The footpath takes a shorter and more scenic route than the road, passing small farms and homes, to the outskirts of Huaraz. It's an easy downhill walk, but there are no street lamps. I wouldn't recommend walking after the sun has set, especially if you are alone.
If time is tight, you could give this one a miss. But, if you have time to spare or want to do some activity to help with acclimatisation, then Wilcahuain is a good way to spend half a day. ​​​​​​​

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