First, I add a 'lookup color' layer and set it to ‘nightfromday.CUBE.' I use a layer mask to take the blue color off of the motorbike and off the ground just in front, where the artificial headlight with be hitting.
To add the light sources I use new layers and blend modes, using the brush tool to create the light. I usually start by adding one dab of colour with a large brush, then using the 'free transform' tool to position and shape it. The blend modes ‘soft light, hard light, vivid light, multiply, and screen,' work well with this technique. Layer masks are good for removing light from where it shouldn’t be and creating realistic looking shadows.
I add two layers of rain, one very fine - which also creates a haze effect, and one slightly heavier. I use a layer mask to remover the effect from the shadows.
Finally, I use a ‘high pass’ filter to add some sharpening, then finish the image using the 'camera raw filter' to add a vignette and tweak the exposure.
Original photo is available here: Motorbikes
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Final Image

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