Chan Chan was the capital of the Chimor civilisation and was one of the largest pre-Hispanic cities in South America. Now an archaeological site, the city once spanned around 20km and it’s estimated that between 40,000 to 60,000 people lived there. It was constructed from adobe around 850 AD and was eventually conquered by the Inca empire around 1470 AD.
Because of the construction material the archaeological site is now at risk of being completely eroded by changing weather patterns, especially the increasingly unpredictable El Nino.
Tickets to enter the restored part of the city cost 11PEN, and also entitle you to enter the nearby Chan Chan museum and two other historical Chimor ruins in Trujillo, Huaca La Esmeralda and Huaca El Dragon. The tickets are valid for two days, so you can take your time if you wish, although it is easily possible to see everything in one day. History buffs and ruin fanatics will enjoy the two smaller sites, but others may consider them more of the same.

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