The temples of the sun and of the moon are located in northern Peru, near the city of Trujillo.

These temples were built by the Moche civilisation and are around 1800 years old.

Actually, the Moche civilisation did not worship the sun or the moon and did not name these temples ‘of the sun’ and ‘of the moon,’ those names were given to the temples much later.

However, the Moche civilisation did believe in human sacrifice, and would often throw victims from the top of the temples to their death.

When visiting these temples you may also find some Peruvian hairless dogs. These dogs are sometime called Inca dogs.

The appearance of these dogs is very strange.

They have no hair. They are completely bold!

Have you ever seen a Peruvian hairless dog?

What do you think? Do you think they are ugly? Perhaps you think they are cute?

There is also a museum next to the temple.

If you want to visit these temples yourself you will need to take a taxi from Trujillo.

The journey is 4 kilometres will take around 15 minutes. You should pay about 15 Soles each way for the taxi fare.

Or, if you prefer you can join an organised tour group.

There are many travel agents in the centre of Trujillo who can organise a tour for you.

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